A laser range finder uses laser technology to provide information on the distance between a target object and your device. Laser range finders are largely used for military applications where they are integrated into camera systems and weapons.

How Do They Work?

When a laser range finder is activated, it releases laser beams that bounce off your designated target and return to your device. The time it takes to return is calculated to measure the distance. This is possible as the speed of the beam is already known given that it travels at the speed of light. These results are then displayed on the gimbal operating software.

The laser range finders integrated into UAV Vision’s gyro-stabilised camera systems provide single measurements or continuous ranging, allowing you to gather continuous information on the distance of a moving object. The sensors provide precise information in low light conditions, which is effective in commercial and military operations.

Benefits of Choosing a UAV Vision Gimbal:

1)    We offer exceptional EO and IR optical zoom capabilities to let you better detect a suspect. Once a target has been detected, the laser range finder can calculate its distance to you.

2)    Advanced object tracking algorithms ensures the gimbal maintains its focus on your target so that the laser range finder can give you continuous updates on the distance between you and your target.

3)     The sensor has a wide aperture, which means it will pick up more of the returning beams to provide you with precise data.

Do you need a laser range finder for your mission? Contact us at sales@uavvision.com to find out more about integrating a laser range finder with your gimbal.