Your gimbal has just arrived and you are eager to get it plugged onto your UAV so you can experience its revered performance for yourself. But wait, first you have been asked to conduct an acceptance test.

Why should you complete an acceptance test?

To ensure that your gimbal is perfect, we pay attention to every step of the production process, from the initial design, right through to the delivery of your order. Your gimbal goes through many quality tests to make certain you receive a high-performance, fully-functional camera payload for your aircraft. We want your gimbal to arrive in the exact condition it was sent from our factories.

How long does it take?

An acceptance test usually takes between 10 – 15 minutes.


  • It gives you the opportunity to flag any damage that might have occurred throughout its journey from our factory to you.
  • You can quickly assess that all features are in full working order.
  • You can be confident that the payload will work effectively for your customer.
  • The warranty period begins once the acceptance test has been completed.
    Last, but most important
  • The acceptance test exposes you to settings and basic functionality, allowing you to go from bench to aircraft in the shortest possible time.

But what happens if something goes wrong?

From time to time things do go wrong, but worry not, our dedicated support staff are just an email away.

Do you have any questions about the acceptance test? Contact us on +61 2 6581 1994 or email and we can talk you through it.