As technology evolves and changes, it is vital to ensure that products also follow a path of continual improvement and development.

The CM160 has now been available on the market for 7+ years, making it the longest serving member of the UAV Vision gimbal family.

Over the years, the CM160 has seen many different sensor, electronic and mechanical developments to ensure that a market leading product is available for those that require it.

Even turning the clock back 5 years, reveals an extraordinary difference in the capabilities of the CM160 of today.

So, how does the CM160 of yesterday, match up against the CM160 of today?

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The notable differences come in the form of the following:

  • Video Processing – Previously the CM160 would rely upon the use of bulky additional modules to allow features such as Object Tracking and HD streaming. This has been addressed by integrating a video processor in to the CM160, removing any need for additional external hardware, therefore increasing capability but reducing weight.
  • HD Streaming – the integration of an internal video processor has also allowed for the .h264 encoding and streaming of video from on board the gimbal a reality. Again further simplifying communication between gimbal and control station.
  • Ethernet Communications – Allowing both gimbal control and video over an Ethernet connection saves precious platform payload budget, as fewer devices are required on board to communicate with the gimbal.
  • EO Zoom – Now supporting up to 30x Optical Zoom to allow increased platform standoff distances, without having to sacrifice on image quality.

After countless hours of testing, revising and improving, the CM160 of today provides a more capable and feature packed unit when compared to that of 5 years ago.

Which leaves the question of what will the future CM160 look like?

For a detailed specification comparison of the CM160, see the tables below.

Physical Specifications CM160 circa 2008 CM160 Today
Size 160mm x 195mm 160mm x 237mm
Weight 1450g 1450g
Power 15W 12W
Position Accuracy 0.011° 0.011°
Environmental Protection Weather Proof IP66
Communication RS232 Ethernet OR RS232


Sensor Specifications CM160 circa 2008 CM160 Today
EO Zoom 10x Optical 30x Optical
EO HFoV 42°-1.6° 62.9°-2.2° / 44°-1.5°
IR Zoom Up to 4x Digital Up to 8x Digital
IR FoV 18°x14° 12.4° x 9.9°
Video Output Digital – Nil Analog Up to 1080p Digital up to 720p Analog Up to 1080p
Laser Range Finder No Optional
Laser Pointer No Optional


Features CM160 circa 2008 CM160 Today
Object Tracking With External Hardware Internal
KLV Overlays Nil Yes
HD Streaming With External Hardware Internal
GEO-Locking Yes Yes

What will the next 5 years look like?