UAV Vision has been selected by Airbus Defence and Space to supply an ISR payload for the Zephyr 8 part of the High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) programme.

The HAPS programme conducted by Airbus Defence and Space required an ISR payload that is capable of operating in extreme environmental conditions at approximately 70,000ft, experiencing extremely low temperatures, up to several months duration.

Left: Mr. Michael Bailey (CEO, UAV Vision) Right: Mr. Steve Whitby (Head of Business Development and Sales HAPS, Airbus DS)

To achieve the anticipated flight endurance, a lightweight payload that can produce high quality EO and IR imagery was required.

Drawing on years of experience both designing and manufacturing light weight, highly capable systems, the payload to be delivered by UAV Vision will satisfy both requirements for weight and performance.

The payload itself will provide the Zephyr with a High Optical Zoom EO Daylight Sensor, as well as a MWIR sensor fitted with a High Optical Zoom Lens.

When paired, the Zephyr and payload from UAV Vision will be able to provide highly stable continuous footage, day and night for extended periods, without the need to refuel. A system such as the Zephyr will be able to provide commercial and governmental customers a long term, reliable eye in the sky at costs significantly less than alternative military and space based solutions.

“We have been impressed by the high performance and low weight of UAV Vision’s payload. Once we have completed the integration and testing of the payload, we will be in a position to demonstrate the added value of HAPS systems to a number of our customers,” said Jens Federhen, head of the HAPS programme at Airbus Defence and Space.

Michael Bailey, CEO of UAV Vision had the following comments” this is an excellent milestone for UAV Vision. Having been an exisiting supplier to Airbus DS, being tasked with this project is a credit to the products that we create. The exceptional operating performance of the CM202 which is incredibly light weight , allowed us (UAV Vision) to provide Airbus DS with an ITAR Free ISR payload capable of meeting the demanding specifications required.”

Currently both UAV Vision and Airbus DS are working closely to deliver a product that is ready for flight testing in the later part of 2016.