The next generation of ISR payloads has arrived, bringing new opportunities to UAV end-users. Generation 5 is the industry-leading range of lightweight gyro-stabilised gimbal systems that compacts cutting-edge technologies into low SWaP-C systems.

What You Need to Know About Gen. 5 Systems

Generation 5 gimbals combine all the benefits of previous generations with improved performance to offer users greater capabilities in the field. Designed for easy integration into unmanned platforms, these multi sensor camera systems weigh less than 1kg and have a low power usage to provide long endurance. Complete with 3-axis digital stabilisation, gimbal operators can now benefit from the smoothest video experience to maximise

target detection and identification. Onboard video processing reduces latency and provides an all-digital video chain. All video is encoded onboard according to MISB (Motion Imagery Standards Board) and STANAG standards for optimised system compatibility. A single connector makes Gen. 5 gimbals the easiest to integrate into UAV systems. Dual streaming capability gives operators a real-time, simultaneous picture-in-picture view of daylight and thermal imagery when used with OPS-Warden gimbal operator software.

Gen. 5 Sensors:

  • CM122A
  • CM142A
  • CM202A
  • CM202G
  • CM202U


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