CM100 Gimbal DisplayThe USTAR-Y platform perfectly utilises the CM100s light design to offer a portable ISR solution for a wide range of day and night applications such as forestry management. As presented at the Singapore Air Show 2 weeks ago, the USTAR-Y is a portable hexa-rotor UAV, specially designed for urban and open terrain applications.

The VTOL concept provides adaptability and manoeuvrability, and also has a tool-less assembly which allows for a quick system set-up, thus reducing turnaround time.

USTAR-Y has detachable rotor arms, modular subsystems, small logistical footprint, as well as the ease of maintenance and replacement of components.

With a low noise signature, USTAR-Y ST Aerospace say that it provides users with “vision from the skies”.

Both ST Aerospace and UAV Vision have received a lot of interest in the combined package since the show.

ST Aerospace is a global company with more than 8,000 employees around the world and a global customer base that includes the world’s advanced military forces, major airlines and leading freight carriers.