Counter UAS Operator Assist
Your Ultimate Protection Against sUAS


Counter UAS Operator Assist (CUAS-OA) is a powerful tool that significantly enhances your detection capability of sUAS. Advanced video analytics gives you optimum detection, identification, tracking, classification and deactivation of a hostile drone. CUAS-OA is designed to reduce operator fatigue and workload to increase the efficiency of your mission.

Your Complete Solution

Paired with the CM202U multi-sensor, gyro-stabilised, 360º rotational gimbal, CUAS-OA gives you greater accuracy in identifying a rogue drone. Extensive testing in a range of environments provides you with a reliable, rugged and high-performance system that can significantly add value to your counter UAS operation.


  • The touchscreen design provides you with the easiest command and control of your counter UAS system.
  • Receive live, real-time notifications of any potential threats by setting up alarmed detection zones.
  • Automated object detection increases the likelihood of detecting targets that could otherwise go unnoticed by your operator.
  • HD daylight and MWIR imagery give you consistent 24/7 protection.
  • 60x daylight and 20x thermal optical zoom reduce your operator’s decision time when identifying UAVs, helping your team make informed decisions.
  • The user-friendly interface lets your operator easily customise the display, gimbal and sensors to reduce the chance of error.
  • Should your technology fall into enemy hands, the self-destruct mode will keep your secrets protected.
  • CUAS-OA can be easily integrated with your existing concepts to provide you with a system unique to your mission’s requirements.

Moving Target Detection

  • Highlights potential targets that are moving relative to the background
  • Operates above and below the horizon line
  • Detects moving people, vehicles and other general motion below the horizon line
  • Picks up on slight motions, such as a moving pixel, which the eye cannot detect

Static Target Detection

  • Highlights potential targets that are moving and static
  • Detects small point features consistent with a sUAS
  • Continues to operate when the gimbal is in motion
  • Detects both moving and static points
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Compatible Gimbals