Single Sensor

A single sensor camera payload allows one sensor to be integrated into the system, which is pre-defined by the manufacturer. This is usually an electro-optical (EO) sensor, which can provide high definition daylight imagery and video. A single sensor camera payload is best suited to applications that require simple daylight imagery.

Suitable applications include:

  • Aerial photography
  • Cinematography
  • Real estate photography
  • Mapping & surveying
  • Simple asset inspection
  • Agriculture
  • Daytime wildlife spotting



Likewise, a multi-sensor gimbal is equipped with a high definition EO sensor. However, these allow more sensors to be integrated into the system to give operators enhanced situational awareness. With a multi-sensor gimbal, you can choose between a range of sensor configurations to suit the needs of your mission. For operations that run at day and night, an Infra-Red (IR) sensor can be integrated within the gimbal to provide an adaptable, multi-use solution for gathering information in daylight and at night. Laser sensors can also be integrated for operations that require measuring distances. A multi-sensor gimbal is best suited to ISR applications as it can provide operators with more opportunities in the field.

Suitable applications include:

  • Surveillance
  • Mapping & surveying
  • Advanced asset inspection
  • Emergency response
  • Search and rescue
  • Marine rescue
  • Disaster management
  • Wildlife spotting and environmental science
  • Law enforcement
  • Border protection
  • Gas leak detection


When choosing between a single and multi-sensor gimbal, consider the four Ws.

What platform will you be using?

What is your application?

What are your goals?

What is your budget


The size, weight, power and cost of a single sensor gimbal is often cheaper than a multi-sensor payload. However, this is not always the case. A dual sensor gimbal, such as the CM100 is lower in SWAP-C than many single-sensor gimbals on the market.

Are you still having trouble choosing? Email your queries to and we can advise you on the best system suited to your mission.