Rotary Wing UAV

On the Spot
Precision Maneuvering

Get the most out of your rotary wing UAV with a multi sensor, gyro-stabilised camera system. Our field-proven gimbals have been integrated into hundreds of rotary wing UAVs around the world. Capabilities include:

  • Multi sensor systems
    To give your operators more information on an object or situation in a range of light conditions. 
  • Electronic and mechanical stabilisation
    Giving you the optimum video experience when your system is moving or loitering. 
  • Features such as object tracking, GEO-Lock, real-time video stabilisation, on board video encoding and navigation information
    So your customer can get the very most out of each flight
  • Low power gimbals
    So your rotary wing UAV can loiter for long periods of time and provide long enduring aerial support during critical operations