Earlier this month we launched OPS-Warden, a new video exploitation operator suite. The revolutionary C4ISR platform provides the easiest operation of your gyro-stabilised camera system. Here are just five of our favourite features.

Designed for Your Convenience

The touchscreen design provides you with a user-friendly platform that lets you quickly navigate between features and operate your gimbal. Now you can immediately perform mission-critical tasks. This includes everything from the configuration of your gimbal, sensors, and joystick, to the initialisation of an object track.

Configured to Suit You

Every mission has different requirements and end goals, which is why OPS-Warden is a fully configurable platform where you can choose the most appropriate overlays suited to your mission. You can select between the EO and IR sensor as your primary display with just the click of a button.

Ready for Your Mission
Don’t delay your mission, with OPS-Warden you can instantly connect to your gimbal and begin gathering information. The auto-connect feature lets you automatically reconnect to the last gimbal your software was associated with, making it ideal for repeat deployments. Alternatively, the one-click connect feature lets you connect to a new gimbal in seconds.

Giving You Enhanced Situational Awareness

The integrated multi-layered moveable map provides you with further geographical information on your platform, gimbal and target during your flight. The map uses embedded KLV metadata, allowing you to access this functionality during playback mode.

Doubling Your Vision

The picture in picture functionality lets you stream both EO and IR data simultaneously so you won’t miss a moment. You can match zooms or alternatively zoom using one display. The picture-in-picture feature is designed for gimbals with dual-streaming capability, such as the CM202.

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