To ensure that an oil or gas plant complies with safety and environmental regulations, general asset inspections need to be carried out. Traditional inspection methods are expensive, time-consuming and involve a high risk of injury, therefore UAVs have become the preferred solution. Here’s how you can benefit from using a UAV for your operation.

Do More

UAVs give you detailed information about the condition of the platform, which is particularly valuable in areas that are difficult or impossible to reach.  Sensors can be integrated into a camera payload system, such as a daylight sensor for high definition stills and footage, and an IR sensor for thermal imagery. These sensors

provide detailed information that can be used for analysis. A camera payload with 30x optical zoom gives you enhanced information about the structure, so you can make informed decisions. With a UAV, you can zoom into an area of the platform, whilst maintain a safe stand-off distance, to gather the information you need to determine if any areas need to be replaced.

Real Time Data

During a flight, data can be live streamed directly to a ground control station, providing live images and footage. Using this information, you can take prompt action and reduce the risk of structure failure.

Infra-Red Imagery

An IR camera payload shows thermal imagery that is invisible to the human eye, which can increase your probability of detecting a fault. If an issue is identified at an early stage, it can be quickly and strategically solved before it becomes a greater problem.

A Safer Practice

Traditional inspection methods involve a high capacity of workers to examine a platform with rope access or scaffolding. A UAV reduces human intervention, providing a safer operation in dangerous environments.

Save Time and Costs

By reducing the number of people needed for the job, you can save on resources. A UAV reduces the capacity of workers needed for an inspection, and thus decreases the cost of your operation and the time taken to conduct the inspection.

Our Gimbal of Choice: The CM100

The CM100 provides a cost-effective, low SWa-P camera payload for oil and gas asset inspections. The flexible device can be integrated on a multi rotor, rotary wing, and fixed wing UAVs. With real-time video streaming, an integrated HD daylight and Infra-Red sensor, and 30x optical zoom, the CM100 is the ideal solution for your UAV. Click here to find out more about the CM100.