What is Object Tracking?

Object tracking is a recommended addition to all UAV Vision gimbals. It is a data gathering aid which assists the operator by allowing hands-free tracking of targets.

How do I use Object Tracking?

The operator places the cross hairs over the target and enables object tracking via a user input. Such as a controller button or mouse click.

What are the Limitations of Object Tracking?

A gimbal will maintain tracking an object as long as the target is not obstructed by other objects. A tracking box of configurable size

When should Object Tracking be used?

The operator can use object tracking at their convenience. Once a target is located, an object track will allow for a persistent track until disabling the track. It is ideal for situations when a target requires tracking for a period of time.

Is Object Tracking available in both EO and IR?

Yes. Whether using a gimbal in EO and IR modes, the operator can use object tracking as a data gathering aid.