and Preservation


• Preserve endangered wildlife
• Protect the public from endangered wildlife
• Reduce illegal activities such as unauthorised deforestation
• Monitor the behaviour and migration habits of wildlife

Aerial imagery is changing the landscape of conservation. It allows industry professionals to:

• Cover more ground
• Gather more information
• Improve response time

UAV Vision imaging systems provide you with the following benefits:

• Real time information lets you respond quickly to an event
• Lightweight for compatibility with drones and to provide long flight endurance
• You can track, follow and record the location and behaviour of an animal
• The systems do not interfere with the wildlife
• Remote communications mean your team can maintain a safe standoff distance
• Infrared configurations allow for night-time surveillance
• Excellent optical zoom capabilities let you identify a criminal
• Object tracking keeps your target in sight
• GEO-Lock gives you vital information on your target’s location


Compatible Gimbals
Additional Hardware