Birds Eye View
Without the Risk


• VIP and presidential visits
• Commercial property
• Public events
• Crime prevention
• Traffic surveillance

An aerial imagery system provides 24/7 ISR for the protection of citizens, VIPS and property.

With an aerial imagery system, you can achieve more in your security operation. Benefits of a UAV Vision imaging system include:

• Multi sensor systems give you critical information at day and night
• Easy integration into any platform type to suit the needs of your security operation
• Object tracking functionality lets you keep track of a suspect
• With 30x daylight and up to 13x thermal optical zoom you can improve your DRI (detect, recognise and identify) capabilities
• GEO-Lock provides you with valuable geographical information on a suspect
• Receive real-time information and make prompt informed decisions
• Your recorded footage can be accessed at any time to complete your investigation
• Stable footage gives you accurate information

Compatible Gimbals
Additional Hardware