Cover More Ground
Maximise Probability


• Urban SAR
• Mountain rescue
• Coastal SAR

Traditional search and rescue missions in rugged terrain can demand dozens of personnel. Time is crucial in your SAR mission. Drones and aircraft let you cover more ground in less time to improve your probability of rescuing a missing person.

UAV Vision imagery systems increase the probability of a successful mission. Benefits include:

• Real time information is streamed to your operator to increase your response time
• Zoom in on areas of interest with 30x daylight and up to 13x thermal optical zoom
• High DRI (detect, recognise and identify) capabilities let you accurately identify a missing person
• Infrared configurations allow for night-time SAR
• Access areas that are dangerous or impossible to reach with high zoom capabilities
• Gather information on the location of a person with GEO-Lock

Compatible Gimbals
Additional Hardware