Oil and gas

Safe and Effective
Leak Detection and Monitoring

You can meet industry regulations safely and effectively with the CM202G Gas Hound, a field-proven system for aerial gas leak detection.

The pioneering CM202G is a reliable and high-performance system, designed to increase the efficiency of oil and gas applications, including gas leak detection and infrastructure integrity patrols. The system reduces the amount of time spent on detecting a leak in a pipeline to help you meet environmental compliances, whilst reducing operational expenditure to help you meet your budget requirements.

The system gives traceable and verifiable pipeline integrity data, rapid notification of anomalies, and precise geo-location of leaks, encroachments, environmental concerns, or right of way violations. High definition daylight footage is recorded simultaneously with infrared leak detection data and both can be imported into a GIS-based mapping system, giving you prompt access to valuable information.

CM202G Features

Low power MWIR optical zoom

30x EO optical zoom

Direct drive stabilisation Dual streaming




MWIR imagery with the CM202G


Compatible Gimbals