Disaster Management

React Quicker
Minimise Danger

An aerial imagery system is the best method for disaster prevention, planning, response, and relief. With the ability to view events in real-time from a safe distance, and access decision-critical data has allowed disaster response and mitigation teams to respond quickly to disasters.

Missions include:

• Forest fires
• Floods
• Natural disasters

UAV Vision systems are designed to optimise your capabilities. Benefits include:

• Real time information is streamed directly to your operator so you can make prompt and informed decisions
• Maintain a safe standoff distance to keep your team protected
• 30x daylight and up to 13x thermal optical zoom lets you gather information in all light conditions
• Thermal imagery provides you with information on hot spots to enhance your fire management strategy
• With a high DRI (detect, recognise and identify) capability you can improve your probability of saving injured citizens
• GEO-Lock lets you communicate vital geographical information to your team
• KLV metadata lets you analyse the information after the disaster has taken place for future planning

Compatible Gimbals