Counter UAS

Protect Your Troops
With Enhanced Situational Awareness

Protect citizens, infrastructure and national interests from unmanned aerial systems with a mission-proven UAV Vision CUAS system. The package includes the robust CM202U gyro-stabilised multi-sensor system and Counter UAS Operation Assist (CUAS-OA) software.

CM202U Features

• Man-portable, weighing just 5.5kg for easy transportation between locations
• Simple plug and play hook up for quick setup and operation
• Easy integration with ground vehicles, marine vessels, tripods and ground stations
• HD imagery for enhanced situational awareness
• 20x MWIR optical zoom
• 30x continuous daylight optical zoom
• Weather resistant
• IP67 rating (dust and water resistant)
• Durable for rough deployments

CUAS-OA Features

• Auto-detection of threats
• Detects people, vehicles, sUAS, UAVs and general motion
• Static and moving threat detection algorithms
• Notifications of threats to keep your operator informed of incoming activity
• Detect, identify and defeat a drone using your choice of neutralisation methods
• User-friendly command and control of your system
• Touch screen compatible




We provide counter UAS solutions for the following applications:

• Ports and borders
• Prisons
• Airport
• Disasters
• Public events
• Presidential visits

Compatible Gimbals
Additional Hardware