Counter UAS systems are becoming increasingly important for the protection of troops in battlefield and border protection operations. As the growth of counter UAS technologies surge, we list the 6 features you should prioritise when choosing your system.

Object Detection

For ultimate protection in the field, a successful counter UAS system requires exceptional detection capabilities to ensure that every potential threat is spotted and identified. Automated detection software provides you with real time alerts of nearby objects to give you enhanced situational awareness in the field. Static and motion detection algorithms run collectively to achieve a higher detection rate

Object Tracking

If a threat is identified, object tracking capability is essential to keep the target insight. When paired with geo-location information, object tracking functionality provides vital information on the target’s whereabouts so the appropriate action can be taken to destroy or deactivate the threat.





Military bodies are always on the move, transferring from one location to the next, therefore it is important that the counter UAS technology is just as easily transported between sites. With a man-portable counter UAS system, troops can simply transfer the technology by foot or vehicle. To provide consistent site monitoring, these systems require quick and simple setup for 24/7 protection.


Optical Zoom

A high degree of optical zoom means the operator can gather more information on an object or area of interest. When paired with cutting-edge stabilisation, you can quickly identify a threat and make informed decisions.





An infrared sensor is crucial for operations that run in low light conditions, such as at night or in foggy environments. With an infrared sensor, your counter UAS system will alert you of a potential threat at any time of day and in any weather condition so you are always one step ahead of your opposition.


Real-time Information

Although all the features listed above are important for any counter UAS system, your technology would be useless without real-time data. Live information and notifications are essential to provide you with information on present threats to better protect your troops from the opposition.

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