When choosing a company to do business with, you not only want the best technology, you want to be confident that timelines are met.

Having a clear delivery time frame that you can plan for is critical to your projects overall success.

From the second you place an order with UAV Vision, our production team gets to work immediately, confirming your order specifications and assembling your gimbal.

Every payload that we manufacture in our dedicated production facility is built to your exact configuration and specification and takes between 8-10 weeks.

During the manufacturing process, you are kept up to date with the latest progression of your build to make sure you can stay in control of your project timelines.

It is also during this time that you are guided through the pre-integration process, getting you ready for your brand new payload.

With over 1000 combinations to suit every mission. Every payload is meticulously assembled, tested, packed and shipped.

This ensures that you are not settling for a ‘close enough’ solution, but you are getting the payload that is perfectly suited to your mission.