GEO-Lock Premium

Know your Target
Real Time GPS Information


GEO-Lock provides real time GPS data, which is used to determine the GPS location of a target. With GEO-Lock, your gimbal operator can designate a GPS point of interest and the gimbal will keep this area in the centre of the frame until a further command is given.

Does Your System Need GEO-Lock?

GEO-Lock is essential for missions that require reliable GPS positioning information of a target or area. We recommend GEO-Lock for the following applications:

  • Crime prevention
  • Event monitoring and surveillance
  • Marine, mountain and urban search and rescue
  • Emergency response
  • Counter UAS
  • Wildlife spotting and protection
  • Environmental monitoring

The effectiveness of air to ground communication is multiplied when combined with the power of GPS data. If your mission requires GPS information, then you need GEO-Lock.

Choosing Your Package:

GEO-Lock Premium uses two antennas to provide accurate and reliable information on the position, orientation, velocity and acceleration of a platform. The more accurate your platform information is, the more accurate your target coordinates will be. With greater sensitivity to platform changes, you can benefit from reliable GPS information of your target and can confidentially provide this data to the right people.

Why Choose GEO-Lock Premium?

GEO-Lock Premium is a larger system, making it ideal for fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, marine vessels and ground vehicles.

Horizontal Accuracy
Vertical Accuracy
Dynamic Heading Accuracy
Dynamic Roll and Pitch Accuracy
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