To ensure your aircraft conforms to safety regulations and industry standards, your payload weight will be limited to the design of your platform. Here at UAV Vision, we can help you choose the best lightweight camera payload for your application. But first, we will answer all of your payload questions.

How can I calculate my payload allowance?

How to calculate payload weight infographic

How do I choose the best camera payload for my mission?

There are several factors that need to be considered when choosing a camera payload.

The platform

If you are flying a small UAV, your primary requirement will be a small, lightweight and low cost camera payload. Large manned aircraft give you greater flexibility when choosing your camera system.

Camera functionality

Do you need more features, such as object tracking, GPS, thermal imagery or HD footage? Depending on your mission, the capabilities of a gimbal can be essential to your mission and therefore are prioritised when choosing a camera payload.

Payload allowance

Your mission might require lots of equipment, such as emergency supplies or more crew members. If so, you need a payload that is going to give you the maximum result for the least weight.

Have you found yourself limited by payload weight allowance? We understand, which is why all our camera payloads are small, lightweight, and offer a range of functionalities. To find out more about our gimbals, contact a member of our team at

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