The past decade has marked the start of a very exciting era – the drone age. Advancements in UAS technologies has made UAS systems smaller and more affordable, making them more available to the masses. This has opened up new opportunities for a number of commercial and military operations. UAVs are now being used for everything from agriculture to aerial gas leak detection. Subsequently, these technological developments have also created a growing threat of drones used for terrorism.

For protection against sUAS threats, counter UAS technologies are being used by the military for the protection of civilians and troops. These systems allow for the detection, tracking, disabling and destruction of potential sUAS threats. We discuss the differences between ground and aerial surveillance solutions for counter UAS applications.

Ground Surveillance


For applications that require a man-portable system that can be easily transferred from one location to the next, a ground counter UAS system offers a lightweight and transportable solution.

Out of Sight

These systems are more easily concealed, allowing you to gather information on a potential threat whilst keeping out of sight from a potential threat.


An Eye in the Sky

Weight Matters

If your vehicles have the capacity for a UAV, an aerial counter UAS system can be an effective surveillance solution. A lightweight UAV can be transported using a larger aircraft or ground vehicle.

Consider the Environment

These systems are ideal for environments that have a lot of ground obstructions, which could otherwise intervene with the video.

Whether you choose a ground or aerial system, it is important that your counter UAS technology has all the essential features for your operation. Read our guide on how to choose the best counter UAS system for your mission.

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