The development of drone technology has made sUAS more available to the masses, generating safety concerns for many industries across the globe. The number of drone and aircraft collisions reported in the media has largely increased due to the popularity of hobbyist drones. A counter UAS system can prevent a sUAS from affecting your mission.

How can a counter UAS system help you?

  1. Advanced geo-location data provides you with accurate information on the location of a hostile drone, including its position, altitude, and speed. This information helps you more precisely assess its proximity to your aircraft.
  2. Tracking gives you constant updates on the location of the drone to enhance your situational awareness.
  3. Detect objects with characteristics typical to that of a sUAS, to reduce operational error.
  4. Motion Target Detection and Static Target Detection give you optimum detection capabilities in the field, so you won’t encounter any nasty surprises.
  5. Your mission is time critical, and with a counter UAS system, you won’t have to delay it. Choose between several kill methods to terminate your issue.
  6. Horizon editing lets you tell the system where the ground and the sky meet. When determined, the software can apply different detection methods to provide you with greater accuracy in the identification of an object.
  7. Many missions run at day and night. A multi-sensor countering system will detect an object in low light conditions, which is invisible to your operator.
  8. Live, real-time alerts warn you if a sUAS enters a pre-determined area, giving you enough time to respond.

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