It is days before a contract critical demonstration in front of a new client who is looking to invest heavily in your company. All the groundwork has been done, testing and trials have all been positive.

As you are going through your final tests, an issue arises with a component of the system. What Happens Next?

You contact the overseas manufacturer of the component, only to receive a pre-recorded greeting advising you that it is currently outside of local business hours. Instead, you write an email and sit idle until the next day until a response is obtained.

The demonstration is getting closer, yet the support offered is not likely to get the answers you require in time and your contract is becoming increasingly under threat.

What could be done to ensure that the delay between query and response is shortened?

How can this be avoided in the future?

Do you have still faith in the component?

Or even the company?  

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It is a common situation that many are affected by at some point or another. From sole operators to large multinationals, things do go wrong no matter how well planned. Knowing that an effective and timely response from a manufacturer is available at a moment’s notice will help to keep projects from delay, as well as build trust in the component.

At UAV Vision we understand these problems, as we have also experienced them first hand, which is why we are building our global support network, just for you.

Regions of support include:

  • Asia Pacific
  • The Americas
  • Europe / Africa
  • Middle East


By growing your support network, we will provide you with effective, timely and concise support information from a time zone that is as close to you as possible.

This will give you the confidence to contact us at any time, with the expectation of receiving assistance and a solution in a quick turnaround. Available support tools range from phone conferences, providing of troubleshooting guides, remote desktop control and even on-site technician support.

As we are a global company, we understand the need to provide global support on a reliable and consistent basis.

We are happy to discuss and provide more information about our growing global support network by contacting us here.