Finding a new imaging system to integrate into your platform can be long, time-consuming and costly.

Here are 6 things you should consider before integrating a new camera payload:

  1. Power
    For longer mission endurance, choose a system with low power consumption.
  2. Ethernet Comms
    Single connections for video and comms reduce integration time, effort and point of failure.
  3. Encoding
    Choose on-board encoding to reduce airframe hardware. This lets you save on weight and extend flight endurance.
  4. Onboard Systems 
    When positional information is required, choose a system with an onboard data source to reduce additional hardware requirements.
  5. Vibration Management
    Your imagery can be affected by vibrations produced by your platform. Consider an imaging system that provides seamless imagery during platform movements and vibrations. Click here to find out how to improve the quality of your imagery.
  6. Integration Location
    Choose the best location on your platform to integrate your imaging system. A belly mount provides the maximum usable field of view. When selecting a location, consider all possible landing obstructions.


To overcome any uncertainty you have when choosing a new imaging system to integrate into your platform, we offer a Proof of Concept Programme. Find out more by contacting us at